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ADVMEDIA Design 4.0
Modern and unique style
Modern E-Commerce Website design
right solution, right technology

Design principles allow manufacturers to test potential migration to 4.0 technology. Based on the above mentioned components, the following are the design principles:Interoperability: Objects, machines and people need to be able to communicate via Internet of Things and Internet of People. This is the most essential principle of creating a smart factory.Virtualization: CPS must be able to simulate and create a virtual copy of the real world. CPSs must also be able to monitor existing objects in their surroundings. In other words, there must be a virtual copy of everything.Decentralization: CPSs ability to work independently. This creates room for customized products and problem solving. This also creates a more flexible production environment. In case of failure or conflicting goals, the problem is transferred to the higher level. However, even if these technologies are applied, quality assurance is still a necessity for the entire process. Real-time capability: A smart factory needs to be able to collect real-time data, store or analyze it, and make decisions based on new findings. This is not only limited to market research but also internal processes such as the failure of a machine in the production line. Smart objects must be able to identify defects and reassign tasks to other operating machines. This also contributes greatly to the flexibility and optimization of production. Service orientation: Customer-oriented production. Smart people and objects / devices must be able to effectively connect through the Internet Service to create products based on customer requirements. This is where Internet Services become essential. Modularity: In a dynamic market, the capacity to adapt to a new market of smart factories is essential. In a typical case, it may take a week for an average company to research the market and change production according to that market. On the other hand, smart factories must be able to adapt quickly and smoothly with seasonal changes and market trends.

  • Interactive abillity
  • Virtualization
  • Decentralization
  • Real-time capabilities
  • Service oriented
  • Modular calculation
Logo Design
Opportunities for logo designers

Opportunities are open to logo designers, especially the younger generation. Occupation can be silently, few people know, but creating logos forever with time is the pride of the artist, which also requires more unique and excellent artistic contributions at the "racing logo" period as at present..

  • Think bigger from the beginning
  • First impressions of Logo
  • Sketching the Logo is the first thing to be done
  • Keep it Simple & Stupid
  • Use colors smartly and Choose the right font
  • Avoid using too many effects
  • Balance elements in Logo
  • Be yourself
Standard Website Trends for Applications in Industries 4.0

1. Lavarel is becoming the hottest technology in Web Design and Application. Vue was created in 2014 and is becoming popular early in 2018. It is one of the lightest and fastest frameworks. Lavarel is taking the No. 1 position as it is not supported by any big company.

  • Benefits from functional programming from Javascript improvements
  • More compatible extensions
  • Mobile application in real time
  • Advanced Mobile application
  • Intensive on mobile development and modern CSS design
Creative design
Unique idea

From the banner, winch, folding sheet ... there are billions of samples you just need to give photos and content will have the product. You can see a lot on facebook, with the application create banners in the holidays. Use your smartphone to create a cute video thanks to the video apps on the Apple Store or Google Play. Graphic design time 4.0 depends entirely on the way you look, the learning method of design. We offer intensive courses in graphics. (PS, AI, After Effect ...)

  • Brand identity design
  • Design products
  • Design logo, billboard

Business Consulting - effective online marketing campaign 4.0

Online Marketing 4.0 is the application of computer network technology, electronic means into the market research application of Machine Learning algorithms to support product development, the development of strategies and marketing tactics, ... the ultimate goal is to bring products and services to consumers quickly and efficiently.

  • Website Marketing Online 4.0
  • Social Networking Thời 4.0
  • Search engine Marketing (SEM) bao gồm 2 cách là Adwords và SEO 4.0
  • Email Marketing 4.0
  • Mobile Marketing 4.0
  • Viral Marketing 4.0
Product 4.0
Quality - efficiency - reasonable price

Focus on the products in the 4.0 revolution, especially in technology, services, business models, production research, focusing on many 4.0 projects. It focuses on 4.0 projects on e-government, education, agriculture, smart cities ... from the central to the local level, to every field of life.

  • Provide products and services No. 4.0
  • Provides solution 4.0
  • Dealer for the unit as product number 4.0