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Modern and unique style
right solution, right technology

As a digital medium, web design is far more subject to shifts in technology than its traditional print forbearers. But we’re now 18 years into the new millennium, so that’s no surprise, is it? What is surprising is the way web designers have continued to cope with increasing technical challenges and still manage to create sites that are user-friendly, clear and innovative, consistent with the corporate style, adaptable to every conceivable device and just plain beautiful all at once.As in any year, in 2018 make sure that everything about your website design puts the user first. Trying out something new that you think looks cool or interesting is fine, but only if you’re confident your target audience will respond to it as well. Following website design trends can often be worth it, but paying attention to your visitors is always more important. The website must be:

  • Responsive Design
  • Chatbots
  • Microinteractions
  • Original Illustrations
  • Including Social Proof
  • Hamburger Menus
  • Rounder Edges
  • Tactile Design
  • Unique Fonts
  • Asymmetry
  • Accessible Design
  • Data Visualization
  • Floating Navigation
Marketing Online
Online Sales Effectiveness

Innovative ideas and modern solutions Marketing 4.0 will definitely bring you unique experiences when selling Online.

  • Markting Online Sale 4.0
  • Automation Marketing
  • AI on Marketing 4.0
Standard Website Trends for Applications in Industries 4.0

1. Vue JS is becoming the hottest technology in Web Design and Application. Vue was created in 2014 and is becoming popular early in 2018. It is one of the lightest and fastest frameworks. VueJS is taking the No. 1 position as it is not supported by any big company.

  • Lợi ích từ việc lập trình chức năng từ các cải tiến của Javascript
  • Các tiện ích mở rộng tương thích hơn
  • Ứng dụng web trong thời gian thực
  • Ứng dụng web nâng cao
  • Chuyên sâu về phát triển web trên Mobile và thiết kế CSS hiện đại
Creative design
Unique idea

From the banner, winch, folding sheet ... there are billions of samples you just need to give photos and content will have the product. You can see a lot on facebook, with the application create banners in the holidays. Use your smartphone to create a cute video thanks to the video apps on the Apple Store or Google Play. Graphic design time 4.0 depends entirely on the way you look, the learning method of design. We offer intensive courses in graphics. (PS, AI, After Effect ...)

  • Brand identity design
  • Design products
  • Design logo, billboard
Business Consulting - effective online marketing campaign 4.0

Online Marketing 4.0 is the application of computer network technology, electronic means into the market research application of Machine Learning algorithms to support product development, the development of strategies and marketing tactics, ... the ultimate goal is to bring products and services to consumers quickly and efficiently.

  • Website Marketing Online 4.0
  • Social Networking Thời 4.0
  • Search engine Marketing (SEM) bao gồm 2 cách là Adwords và SEO 4.0
  • Email Marketing 4.0
  • Mobile Marketing 4.0
  • Viral Marketing 4.0
Product 4.0
Quality - efficiency - reasonable price

Focus on the products in the 4.0 revolution, especially in technology, services, business models, production research, focusing on many 4.0 projects. It focuses on 4.0 projects on e-government, education, agriculture, smart cities ... from the central to the local level, to every field of life.

  • Provide products and services No. 4.0
  • Provides solution 4.0
  • Dealer for the unit as product number 4.0